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Magical Cannon Wars (Donate)

2 usd

The vertical scrolling shooter game that combines elements of orthodox magical girl character and story.Leave a crisp exhilaration defeat the enemy!Features Orthodox type vertical scrolling shooting. "Sexy Kawaii Manga" characters have magical girl. Beauty graphics. Conversation with the beautiful girl characters and story arcs. "MOE anime" characters have come a variety of attacking magic. Various stage configurations magical space. The power-up weapons and items to take, a powerful magic attack. The four levels of difficulty from Easy to Very Angry. Touch screen operation. Shooting crisp defeat the enemy orthodox type. It is not the type of "Danmaku" ("Touhou" "Bullet Hell""Bullet Curtain""Manic Shooter")
The difference between the free version I get no · Advertising. - "Character description" Add - "Boss Battle Mode select" Add - "Music" Adding fix mode You can also add or modify something in the mood · variety? The free version now in Ver. Up to
Operating environment OS: Over Android OS 1.6.
Models tested [docomoto]SAMSUNG GALAXY Tab(SC-01C)
[SoftBankMobile]HTC Desire(X06HT)HTC DesireHD(001HT)ZTE Libero(003z)SHARP 003SH
[etc]ZTE BladeRACING

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